The 2018 Music Awards were dominated by first-rate, star-studded performances — perhaps most memorably, the one fromBTS. Why such hype? Well, for one, it’s history in the making; they were the first K-pop act to lớn ever perform at the BBMAs.It was also the television debut performance of their new single “Fake Love,” thereby bringing K-pop lớn American ears like nothing we’ve seen before. Perhaps most importantly, when they took the stage, they blew everyone away.

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Watch BTS Rock Out khổng lồ Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes & More at 2018 Music…

BTS also took home the award for đứng top Social Artist for the second year in the row, andthey left a trail of charm, hilarity và appeal wherever they went. From mugging with Taylor Swift to lớn revealing their “no drunken tweet” rule, here are the best moments from BTS’ time at the BBMAson Sunday, May 20.

Hitting the Red Carpet

We’re so happy khổng lồ have you back again,
BTS_twt ?? #BTS_BBMAs #BBMAs

— Music Awards (
BBMAs) May 20, 2018

BTS made a splash from minute one, as they cooly strolled the red carpet with the confidence of veterans. Their variety of fashion choices was just as striking, ranging from Hawaiian shirts lớn dressier fits khổng lồ urban wear. It all speaks khổng lồ a confidence that initially launched the boys into international stardom.

Letting Their Hair Down

BTS on Red Carpet!

Live stream working now: #BTS_BBMAs #IVoteBTSBBMAs

ARMYs_twt) May 20, 2018

The boys proceeded to lớn royally goof off, mugging và cutting dance moves in front of the cameras just as much as they posed and postured. Key line delivered by J-Hope: “WHOO!”

One Rule: ‘No Drunk Tweeting’

For all their antics, BTS runs a tight ship — no drunken slips of the tongue, especially on social media. When prompted by a reporter if any of them have committed any infractions, RM’s response was Beatles-cheeky: “Not yet, not yet, sir!”

Doing It All For the A.R.M.Y.

BTSmatched their confidence và swagger with sheer gratitude. Never turning down a chance khổng lồ thank their dedicatedfanbase, known as A.R.M.Y., RM proclaimed they “made all this possible.”

Rubbing Elbows With A-Listers

We met

— ????? (
BTS_twt) May 21, 2018

Always ready to yêu thích it up, BTS hung backstage with Taylor Swift, Lil Pump, Pharrell Williams và John Legend — effortlesslycharming all of them!

Taking home the đứng đầu Social Artist Award…Again

The boys’ big win marks the second time in a row they won in this category — and, again, they’re the first K-pop act to bởi so.

Seeing the Big Picture in TheirAcceptance Speech

BTS’ moving acceptance speech for the top Social Artist award had the guys gushing over their A.R.M.Y., thanking them for legitimately being touched by the music. “Our fans told us that our music really changed their lives,” RM expressed.

The Big Performance

The full choreography of “Fake Love”, presented here in all its glory, was totally stunning — và the A.R.M.Y. Audibly returned the goodwill tenfold.

Popping Bottles

After the stunning performance, what better way to lớn celebrate this milestone than with a few bottles of champagne and the loyal A.R.M.Y.?


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