Alba Thanh tung Hot Springs is an ideal place to lớn relax & escape from the heat và hustle đô thị in the summertime.

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Alba Thanh rã Hot Springs Location

Alba Thanh rã Hot Springs belongs lớn Phong Son commune, Phong Dien District, thua kém Thien Hue province. It is just about 30 km from Hue thành phố center và you can come all year round. Because it is a full complex that includes Alba Thanh tung resort và alba wellness, the hot springs, restaurants, adventure games area, etc.

It is pretty easy lớn get to lớn Alba Thanh Tân Hot Springs. From the center of Hue, take the National Highway 1A about 20 km to the North. At An Lo Bridge, turn left to lớn 12km, then go straight ahead until you get to lớn the resort. So you can take a taxi, drive a scooter with helmets, or book Hue Private Car or Hue to lớn Alba Hot Spring Private Car via Best Hue đô thị Tour.

Why should you choose Alba Thanh tan Hot Springs?

Alba Thanh rã Hue Hot springs were discovered in 1928 by the famous French physician Albert Sallet. Alba Thanh rã Hue Mineral Water has a total of dissolved minerals that are rated as the highest in Vietnam. It contains Calcium Corbiere, bicarbonate, Magnesium, and many beneficial nutrients for health & beauty that can be comparable to the top mineral water sources in Europe.


Service price list, games at Thanh chảy Hot Springs in 2021.

Alba Thanh tung Hot Springs fare has combo packages for adults và children from 160,000 đ – 760,000 VND. Includes services: Admission ticket, zipline, shower, buffet… You will have more suitable options at the ticketing counter. On holidays there will be discounted promotions, & do not forget to avail of the không tính phí meal coupon if you have purchased a bộ combo ticket.

Zipline VND 80,000Highwire – Discover VND 120,000Highwire – Adventure VND 210,000Children combo VND 160,000 including Bathtub FIT – children Highwire – explore, village vouchers VND 25,000, food vouchers VND 30,000Combo Zipline VND 180,000, including Bathing ticket – Fitness Zipline, food voucher VND 30,000.Highwire full bộ VND 310,000, including A soak up Highwire bar area – adventure, food coupon VND 50,000.Super value: VND 340,000 including Bathing area Zipline Highwire – adventure), food coupon VND 50,000.Alba mark: VND 510,000 include: Soak up the tung Zipline Highwire – adventure, village voucher VND 50,000, back mát xa voucher VND 200,000.Special giảm giá khuyến mãi VND 760,000, including The Reception of Zipline Bar – Unlimited, Highwire – Unlimited sectors, village vouchers of VND 50,000, full-body massage vouchers VND 250,000, food vouchers VND 200,000.The Alba Bath ticket price: VND 170,000 (adults), VND 85,000 (children).Immersion fare of Thanh tung area: VND 100,000 (adults), VND 50,000 (children).Hotel room price from VND 500,000.

What to vì at this place?

Alba Thanh chảy resort & alba wellness is designed as a large park with a rich and diverse game system, in a fresh và beautiful green space. Try out the exciting, attractive outdoor advocacy games such as the Highwire, the rope-free, Zipline, or participate in water games, picnic fishing, craft villages,… Surely you & your relatives will have a pleasant experience và extremely fun.

Highwire – trò chơi balance on cable


The game is designed with three-way cable-line systems with a total length of nearly 600m, 6m high above the ground, including 32 challenges. The biggest challenge for the players is the altitude so you have lớn control your balance. The highwire game at Thanh tung won the title of “biggest Highwire in Vietnam”.

Zipline Thanh Tân Huế – Adventure Game.


Zipline is a game that impressively hits every traveler when it comes to lớn the resort. The trò chơi makes the participants come over the fear of altitude. The cable system starts from Ma Yen mount, Phong son commune, at a height of 45m above the ground, crossing a long forest distance of 560m. Hanging yourself on a rope, long sliding from the vị trí cao nhất of the mountain, you will feel like being paired with soaring wings through the xanh forest. This is also the longest Zipline track in Vietnam at the present.

Thanh tung Hot Spring Area


The hot spring area is a natural gift that is especially good for your health. It has a temperature of up to lớn 68 °c at the point of the junction, which gradually reduces through the streams. Soaking in a hot mineral will help the body to be supplied with nutrients and energy, enhancing both physical và mental health while also detoxifying, assisting in rejuvenating the body.

Alba Thanh rã Resort & Alba Wellness

The resort has a system of 82 furnished and modern equipped rooms & bungalows. Rooms with views of the flower garden and the elegant Lotus Lake khổng lồ meet the needs of the overnight stay.


Thanh Tran Tourist area also has a large & SPA center of 2000m². Including outdoor baths, indoor bath, fitness area, yoga, meditation area, vegetable farm, organic medicine forest,… There is also a bar, a 3-restaurant system consisting of a Lotus restaurant, Plumeria, and Orchid restaurants with a capacity of up to 500 guests. The restaurant system is open from 06h00 – 22h00, serving dishes of Western cuisine; folk cuisine, as well as tasty buffets.


Recently, Alba Thanh chảy hot springs also built a well-equipped conference room, accommodating about 200 people.

Diverse services

In addition, in Alba Thanh Tan, there is “Alba Craft Village”. This is a place for you and your family, friends to lớn experience how to lớn do, admire the products of traditional villages such as pottery, & drawing paper masks, making statues, flowers, fans, as well as paper kites,…


Some notes when traveling lớn Thanh Tan

Soaking in the hot springs, not over 3 times/a day. The first soaking should only last for about đôi mươi minutes.

People with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, pregnant women, who undergo surgery must have guidance from a doctor when soaking a hot spring bath.

Some of the adventure games such as Zipline, Highwire, slide bridge, sliding pipe have limited health and age of players, you should pay attention.

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In addition lớn the resort, Alba Thanh rã Hot Springs also has a natural forest area. If you are looking khổng lồ explore, you should go during the day, for your safety, go with a friend.